About Us


Brick + Mortar opened its doors in March 2015 with the goal of becoming the USA's premier destination Alden retailer. Catering to the discerning clientele who value service, quality, selection, fit, and timeless style.

Our store exclusive designs originate from combining signature Alden details and Brick + Mortar aesthetics, which can be described as a sophisticated, Pacific Northwest utilitarian approach. We believe that shoes are the foundation of a great wardrobe and we curate our selection of exclusive make-ups to best represent our customer. When designing our styles, wardrobe versatility is at the forefront of our decision making.


We are knowledgeable about our products and strive to give the best possible fittings and recommendations to new and old clients alike. Our dedication to service and selection has earned us the loyal following we are privileged to have today. 



  • Indy

    6 Year Old Havamalitpoo / Head of Security / Treat Hoarder

  • Lucy

    5 Year Old Havamaltipoo /  General Manager / Greeter

  • Yenni Song

    Proprietor / Lucy’s mom

  • Sean Cassill

    Sales Manager - Alden Specialist / Indy’s dad

  • Kevin Wright

    Operations Manager

  • Jeff Depano

    Social Media

  • Michael Soike

    Product Photography